Igloo Magazine Review 3 Dronelock Eps on Weekend World Recordings

Release-Art_21Exploring the recesses of deep analogue electronics, Dronelock line up EP number three on the newly invigorated and much welcome return of the Weekend World label. The previous two outings served up tracks that got support from the likes of Lucy and Surgeon on Rinse FM and present an enticing take on clinically produced music for the knowledgeable dance floor.

For the most, Dronelock present a tough, dark sound with a slight industrial tinge. Hailing from Bradford in the UK, the duo continue an excellent long running theme of electronic music emanating from Yorkshire that explores the moodier side of life (see Warp, The Black Dog, Cabaret Voltaire et al)

Previous EP’s have sat firmly in the frame of abstract sound, taking in driving techno to slightly more obscure but no less compelling excursions and experiments—from a DJ perspective they work fantastically in the mix and suit any darker 4am dance style. Highlights from those include the bleepy kerfuffle of “Flocks” on EP1 and loping percussion and static electricity permeating the massive “In Snow.” Both EP’s are well worth an investigation.

The third EP sees them flitting between techno and 2-Step with “Clusters” parts 1 and 2. Spooked pianos circle pitch bent bass lines and atmospheric analogue work skitters across the audio field. Big system outings follow on—”Superstatic” and “Excursions” are truly epic rushy techno workouts. The former juxtaposing progressive melodies against driving 4/4 in a Max Cooper type vein, the latter delving far into late night heads down territory—thoroughly recommended gear.

Weekend World Recordings interview Nov 2013

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