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Experience Of Aliens? Think Before You Call.

My e-mail is often larded with interesting nuggets, such as this revelation:

“The aliens have been in touch. Whenever I use my computer, they underline certain strange words regarding the screen . It really is a message.”

Possibly. Then again, possibly the correspondent should turn the spell-check off on his word processor.

It’s as predictable as a sitcom that is low-grade but every single day I get to my office comprehending that before quitting time, I will get one or more phone call or e-mail from anyone who has news so startling, it will rock the entire world like Mick Jagger on tour. Generally, these people are writing or ringing to report something strange in the sky or an oddity in a photo. Occasionally they inform me that smooth-skinned beings from another global world, clearly overstepping the bounds of polite behavior, have abducted them for a few hours of malicious molestation.

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