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Clustering:Clustering is another strategy useful for brainstorming

It can help which will make a connection between your tips and produce subtopics that may be progressed into subject sentences. To be able to draw a map, you need to draw sectors. The main group should support the primary indisputable fact that will likely be progressed into a thesis statement down the road. Then, you need to draw other groups that comprise of sub-ideas which make this issue sentences of this developmental paragraphs.


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Figure 1.1. Clustering (Adopted from: Robitaille & Connelly, 2007, p. 40)

Utilize clustering method as part of brainstorming and compose an essay in regards to the advantages and disadvantages of using the social media marketing.

Part:While-writing Stage

This stage includes three essential components primarily drafting, editing-reflecting and revising. Therefore, after generalising a few ideas through brainstorm method, the student has to place them into an essay. Continue reading