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Examining ACT Essay Examples

Katie is an enthusiastic teacher who strives in order to make connections between literature and student’s each and every day lives.

We fork out a lot of time speaking about all of the essential aspects of a good ACT style essay. In this episode we are going to take a good look at some sample essays that have been published by actual students as a result to an ACT style prompt. Furthermore these were graded by actual teachers and evaluated regarding the ACT Rubric, so just a reminder the Rubric is going to consider seven indicators when it comes to ACT in their understanding of task, position, complexity, development, organization, sentences and word grammar and choice. So let’s take a look at those essays to see the way they measure up in the scale.
Let’s have a look at example essay number 1, go to the bonus materials and download it. It scored an 11 this means one teacher gave it a five and something teacher gave it the most possible points, that was a six. I will go through the very first paragraph with you but, it could be essential for you to definitely have it printed out in front of you. Alright so it starts, ‘the problem that is perennial schools in the country today is dropout rates. This stubborn blight has refused to disappear completely despite of a variety of methods enacted by schools to eliminate it. Continue reading